Accredited Training Provider

We are proud of the success and recognition that we’ve achieved with our clients. We pride ourselves on developing practical solutions that drive results in the real world. These solutions span sales performance improvement, learning and development, and technological innovation. Below are just a few examples of awards that we have earned.

CITB Approved Training Centre

Awarded Training Industry’s annual Top Sales Training Companies Award for the 10th consecutive year. This award went to those who provide outstanding service, and a proven track record for delivering superior sales training and improving the impact of the sales organization.

IOSH Approved Training Provider

Named in Selling Power Magazine’s Top 20 Sales Training Companies Award for the 3rd consecutive year. This award went to those who demonstrated depth and breadth of training offered, innovative offerings, the ability to customize offerings, and the strength of client satisfaction.

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ICO Approved Training Provider

Recognized as CIO Review’s Top 100 Most Promising Big Data Companies for 2014. This award was for our Sales Talent Optimization (STO) solutions to companies that leverage assessment and analytical technologies to help sales and human recourse executives maximize their team’s performance.


New CITB Grant Scheme takes affect, SRP Training is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO).Which means that you as an employer can claim back money for courses your employee(s) attends that are delivered by us.