08 Nov 2022

Are Online and Classroom SMSTS Courses Different?

How You Can Benefit from Learning Remotely

An online SMSTS course is a great way to gain your qualification where it suits you, all while benefitting from the same level of training.

Looking to complete your SMSTS training online? Welcome to SRP Training, home of the SMSTS training courses London delegates trust. Here’s what learning remotely has to offer.

High standards of training

Many people worry that they will not receive the same level of training when they learn online rather than in the classroom. That’s not the case when you learn with us. As soon as we recognised the demand from our delegates for remote courses, we got to work putting together the most engaging, immersive, and supportive online learning experience. You can expect the same level of guidance from your tutor as if you were learning in the classroom – that’s our guarantee.

Learn where best suits you

Some participants will find it easier to learn in environments they are familiar with, as it can lead to less anxiety and much lower perceptions of pressure. It can also be much more convenient for attendees in terms of cost, as they will not have to travel to the training centre. This means that delegates won’t need to make as many adjustments to their daily schedule and will also need considerably less time to participate. All you need is an internet connection and an appropriate device!

Course content

A common misconception is that an online course will not have as much content as training delivered in a classroom. Well, we can put that assumption to bed immediately! The online course is the same length as our in-person training, coming in at 5 full days. During your time with us, you will cover the following key units:

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations
  • Risk assessments/method statements
  • Recent changes in accepted working practices and behavioural safety
  • Electricity and excavations
  • Working at height and scaffolding
  • Demolition and confined spaces

In terms of course materials, you will be provided with those as part of your learning. You will receive the GE700/20, XA6/20, and construction drawings – and be pointed in the direction of other helpful resources to help you build on what you learn during the online sessions.

Flexible course times

We are often asked if we run the online SMSTS courses as the same time as our classroom sessions. Yes, we do! We know that trainees come to us looking for training that they can fit in around their commitments, and just because they wish to complete their learning outside the classroom that doesn’t have to change. You can learn at the weekend if that suits you, so you don’t have to take time away from your job to gain your CITB qualification.

We’re here to help

At the end of the day, whether you choose to learn in a classroom or online is totally down to you – but the former doesn’t come up lacking it any way. To find out more about our remote tuition, and what makes ours the SMSTS training courses London construction professionals recommend, please get in touch today.

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