06 Jul 2023

The Key Benefits of Manual Handling Training

Why Our Courses Are So Important

The construction industry is known for its physically demanding nature, with workers required to handle heavy materials, tools, and equipment daily. Without proper training, this can place them in danger. We are the providers of manual handling courses London construction professionals trust. Here’s what you can expect from our training:

Enhanced Safety

One of the primary benefits of manual handling training is the promotion of safety in the workplace. Taking part in a course will equip you with knowledge of proper lifting and handling techniques. These include body posture, weight distribution, and risk assessment. By learning how to lift and move objects correctly, you can significantly reduce the risk of injuries on site. You will gain a better understanding of your own physical limitations and how to work within them, creating a safer working environment for you and others.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Manual handling courses not only focus on safety but also emphasise the importance of efficiency and productivity. By learning the correct techniques, workers can minimise the time and effort required that they need to perform tasks. In turn, you become more adept at using your body mechanics effectively, maximising your strength and minimising unnecessary strain. As you can complete tasks more quickly and with fewer physical limitations, you’ll be able to get more done within a set amount of time.

Prevention of Work-Related Injuries

Construction workers are particularly prone to work-related injuries, and many of those come from improper manual handling techniques. These injuries can range from minor sprains to more serious conditions like back problems and hernias. Manual handling courses help workers to recognise the potential hazards associated with lifting and carrying heavy objects and show them how to prevent injuries. By getting to grips with these techniques, site bosses will have to deal with fewer lost workdays and will see improved health and well-being across the site.

Legal Compliance

In the UK, employers have a legal obligation under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (MHOR) to provide appropriate training and information to their employees regarding manual handling. By participating in a manual handling course, construction workers will not only gain valuable skills but also fulfil their legal responsibilities. This compliance protects both workers and employers, as it shows that they are committed to maintaining a safe working environment.

Increased Job Opportunities and Employability

Manual handling courses offer workers a valuable skill set that enhances their employability within the construction industry. Many employers seek out workers who have undergone the proper manual handling training, as it guarantees a commitment to safety and a reduced likelihood of accidents. By investing in their own development and acquiring these skills, workers can improve their chances of either securing a promotion or being successful in their application for a role with a new employer.

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