22 Sep 2022

Why is health and safety training required within the construction industry?

As the providers of some of the most highly recommended health and safety training London has to offer, we know just how much difference it can make to customers in the construction industry. Here’s how it could benefit you and your team. 

Risks on a construction site

There are a number of risks that come with working on a construction site, and problems can develop in a number of ways. Some of the most common areas of concern are: 

  • Working at height 
  • Moving objects 
  • Slips, trips, and falls 
  • Noise 
  • Hand arm vibration syndrome 
  • Material and manual handling 
  • Collapsing trenches 
  • Asbestos 
  • Electricity 
  • Airborne fibres and materials 

Some of these can cause emergencies on-site, such as electric shocks and falls from height. Others are the root of long-term issues, such as frequent handling of tools causing hand arm vibration system. No matter how these issues present, it’s important to know how to reduce risk and prevent them from occurring in the first place. That’s where health and safety training comes in! 

Keep on top of evolving legislation

Health and safety training covers all of the current legislation put in place by the UK Government to help uphold safe working practices on site. Some of these are general and apply to all working in construction, and some regulations are more specialist and will depend on your field. Whatever laws you are working in line with, they are often updated and changed to best protect those who follow them. Regular health and safety training ensures that your knowledge is up to date. 

There’s a course for everyone

Health and safety training isn’t there to protect just one group of people – it’s there for everyone to benefit from! Just like there are different rules that apply to certain fields, there’s training tailored to the different levels of seniority on a construction site. Some courses have been put together with managers in mind, while others, such as first aid at work, are there for everyone to make use of. 

Mental health in the workplace

Something that is often overlooked is the correlation between high quality health and safety training and good mental health in the workplace. A construction site is a high-pressure working environment, with everything from tight deadlines to potential dangers contributing to stress on team members. Being equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to work safely and efficiently can really help to reduce those stress levels, leading to a happier, more productive workforce – and great outcomes in term of mental and physical safety on site. 

We’re here to help

If you or your team members are going to benefit from health and safety training, it’s important to work with an experienced provider. Here at SRP Training, we provide a really wide range of courses – leading us to build up a reputation as the experts in health and safety training London delegates recommend. 

Find out more today

To find out more about us and the training we provide, please get in touch with a member of our team today. We’re here to answer all of your questions and will be happy to point you in the direction of the most appropriate course for you. 

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