Fire Marshal (Warden) (1/2 Day)

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51 reviews for Fire Marshal (Warden) (1/2 Day)

  1. Dan Ilic

    Excellent wish we had completed this before the fire risk assessment very clear course well presented and very relevant with out too much red tape feel every one should do this. Thank you enjoyed this.

  2. Leonard Romiluyi

    I found this coarse very informative and interesting the video were a fantastic help there was nothing it didnt tell you and the explanations of things were simple and clear

  3. Andrei Bogdan


  4. Fred Kironde

    Excellent, informative course and easy to run through and understand.

  5. Nirmal Singh

    Really good course to refresh and improve knowledge about fire and fire warden responsibilities.

  6. Dimitris Kalitsis

    This is an exceptional course and i learnt a lot of new things about fire

  7. Cornel Florin

    The course was good probably one of the best I have completed in a long time. It was to the point and the correct length of time

  8. Leonard Adias

    The course was good probably one of the best I have completed in a long time. It was to the point and the correct length of time


    Excellent compact and useful course

  10. Azuka Emenike

    Very easy to access and complete

  11. Volodymyr Billynskyy

    Useful to see how the fire extinguishers are used.

  12. Hemry Peckins

    The online course was great!!!

  13. Janusz Kata

    Online course was easy to understand

  14. Vasile Bujor

    Good refresher course and makes you think about the home situation as well as in the work place.

  15. Albert Osae- Akonnor

    Online course is time efficient

  16. Vasilica Lucian

    The course was very informative without being confusing or boring making it easy to follow and to take on board the information.

  17. Essa Sallah

    Easy to understand the online course

  18. Pritpal Singh

    Very useful and good refresher. Made me think about safety in the home also.

  19. Mauricio Paulo

    I found the course very informative, with easy to digest content.

  20. Eric Borquaye

    Online course was good

  21. Charles Osei

    Good clear videos

  22. Ahmad Juma

    Very informative course

  23. Ahmed Mahood

    Easy to understand. With summaries at the end of each video

  24. Drance Amorim

    I enjoyed this course as the videos were clear and split into small sections. Each video gave a summary at the end which really helped when preparing for the test at the end.

  25. Naszr Abduliah

    Clear and very informative.

  26. Naszr Abduliah

    It was explained clearly and good that you could go back and see the videos again if you did not understand anything

  27. Mariaelena Candilio

    I found this course clear, informative and well-structured. It conveys a balanced blend of instruction, importance and practicality with useful summaries at the end of each section.

  28. Alvin Kyentu

    Very easy to follow the training and complete the test on line.

  29. Andrei Tabus

    The course was clear and concise. Being broken down into small consumable elements helped digest the information.

  30. Tiago Barros

    Very good and easy to navigate through. Also very informative and detailed.

  31. Anhar Ali

    Easy to understand and complete. Very well informed.

  32. Aurel Stan

    Full covers all aspects of the fire warden role in easily understandable terminology

  33. Brindusa Oprisanu

    The course was very interesting and informative, I learnt so much from it! I particularly like that its videos with someone speaking rather than having to read slides.

  34. Charles Osei

    Straight to the point good detail enjoyed, not boring

  35. Ahmad Juma

    This training was very easy to understand in bite size amounts that did not confuse. The course content was accurate and easy to understand. The pauses between small videos allowed time for reflection and note taking that will be very useful during the fire marshall role within the workplace.

  36. Ahmed Mahood

    Excellent, clear tutorials by instructors. Very good text outlining important points. Good exam at end.

  37. Drance Amorim

    Brilliant full of useful information

  38. Mariaelena Candilio

    A very informative course, good to see first hand what the specific fire extinguishers are for. Useful in the sense that once you have completed the course you will know exactly the right time to see what fire extinguisher is capable of putting out specific fires.

  39. Alvin Kyentu

    I felt that the course was very well delivered, the fact that it was broken down into short video clips, followed by a screen showing a precis of the video made it far easier to follow than a handful of long drawn-out videos. This made it far easier to pick up the relevant information.

  40. Tiago Barros

    The demonstrations of the fire extingishers are excellant

  41. Raza Miah

    A very enjoyable course, clear concise information delivered in an easy format to understand

  42. Dean Taylor

    Very informative and understanding

  43. Asad Mohammed

    Needed this ticket so grateful that I got it on such short notice

  44. Asirit Ahmati


  45. Asirit Ahmati

    outstanding fire marshal course

  46. Bharat Chopra

    Best in London. These are the guys for any courses !

  47. Rushane Shitta

    absolutely perfect!

  48. Andrei Cozma

    Excellent service
    10/10 customer satisfaction from me

  49. Andrei Cozma

    Helpful course!
    10/10 customer satisfaction from me

  50. Pavel Ristoski

    Provided me with the best course experience I could have had

  51. Charanjit Singh

    Best tutor for fire marshal! Informative and precise

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