First Aid

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Tues 20th, Wed 21st & Thurs 22nd February 2024, Wed 21st, Thurs 22nd & Fri 23rd February 2024, Thurs 22nd, Fri 23rd & Sat 24th February 2024, Fri 23rd, Sat 24th & Mon 26th February 2024, Sat 24th, Mon 26th & Tues 27th February 2024, Mon 26th, Tues 27th & Wed 28th February 2024

50 reviews for First Aid

  1. Amit Kumar

    Good instructive course

  2. Sanjeev Kumar

    I found this to be a well presented course with simple navigation and easy to undertsand instruction and visuals.Thank you.

  3. Abdulai Sheriff

    Easy steps to follow and learn

  4. James Hugh

    Well laid out, and easy to understand, able to take in lots of information in a relativly short period.

  5. Razevan Ionut

    Covers topics well, meeting most experiences in everyday workplace.

  6. Dylan Edward

    This course was an easy to understand training session, simply explained but targeted needed to know knowledge.

  7. Olusegun Okusamya

    Essential training for every person within any organization

  8. Emmanuel Eboh

    I found this a very interesting course. Well explained, great demonstrations, and interesting.There is alot of information to take in over 80 minutes. It would be great to have bullet points at the end of each injury exercise, things to remember, phemoninics like RICE and FAST and super ideas.

  9. Stefan Mircea

    Easy to follow and covered all important subjects well.

  10. Dimitris Kalitsis

    Concise and comprehensive.

  11. Cornel Florin

    Instruction was clear and concise, well-paced and informative.

  12. Calvin Dowle

    Course brought me up to date with the necessary changes that have been introduced to the current F/A curriculum.

  13. Moses Eziefule

    Very informative out of all the courses


    This was a great course to use as an introduction to First Aid. It gave me a great overview of many different areas and was very well presented and structured.

  15. Rommell Bailey-Wright

    Easy to follow and understand

  16. Volodymyr Billynskyy

    I found the online training informal but in depth, well structured with good visuals.

  17. Henry Peckins

    The first aid course was well presented

  18. Vasile Bujor

    I think EVERY adult should complete this course. It is clear, to the point, and incredibly infomative. So much better than any First Aid refresher course I have attended throughout my career. Well done all involved. This will save lives.

  19. Albert Osae- Akonnor

    Lots of information but broken down into really manageable chunks.

  20. Vasilica Lucian

    The course was very easy to understand and to follow

  21. Essa Sallah

    I have nothing to add. Training was useful.

  22. Pritpal Singh

    It was easy to understand and the demonstration of how to deal with different situations.

  23. Mauricio Paulo

    Good course

  24. Eric Borquaye

    I found it easy too understand and well explained.

  25. Jerry Sakyi

    Refreshed my knowledge, and feeling more confident

  26. Dorel Lucan

    This course was very easy to access and to follow giving clear, simple instructions and summaries throughout

  27. Harkirt Singh

    Well, lt was an interesting course that everyone working in a workplace needs to to be familiar with just incase of an emergency situation .

  28. Robin Flood

    Well presented, clear and concise training. Easy to follow and complete.

  29. Arturas Lucaninovas

    Great teacher.
    Explains well and helps.

  30. Harpreet Singh

    The instructor was well spoken and helped us when we needed help

  31. Harpreet Singh

    Instructor was well spoken

  32. Manjit Singh

    I feel that I’ve learned a lot from this course. I look forward to using everything that I have learned in work.

  33. Rakesh Kumar

    Good course well worth the experience helped to progress

  34. BabirSaeed

    Very informative course.

  35. Walter Hetmann

    Even some of the harder parts I received very good support and the reliability of my tutor was second to none.

  36. Kevin Thick

    3 Days went by in a flash! never knew these courses could be this fun with the right trainers haha

  37. Kevin Thick

    3 Days went by very quickly! never knew these courses could be this fun with the right trainers haha

  38. Didel Marin

    Thanks Mo for going that extra effort to give me the help I needed to get through the course! Top Man!

  39. Sandu Mandu

    5/5 review well done to these guys

  40. Isaac Med

    Very very very good

  41. Laurynas Lietuwiss

    Terrific trainers. Thanks for your help.

  42. Dilbag Singh

    Gave me the knowledge I needed to be an effective worker on sight.

  43. Nathan Paile

    wow! excellent service.

  44. Tony Griffins

    I learnt alot on the level 3 First aid course

  45. Tony Griffins

    I learnt alot on the level 3 First aid course. I was pleased with the course

  46. Luke Sheaman

    The course was useful and engaging

  47. Shey Walters


  48. Fred Ashley


  49. Sanjeev Singh

    Time efficient

  50. Hamilton Odei

    Very good course

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