CSCS Level 1

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212 reviews for CSCS Level 1

  1. Tayo Awe

    Really engaging style and adaptable approach within the course.

  2. Sheldon Edwin

    Very enjoyable, informative, fun and educational. Maintained an excellent level of teaching and professionalism throughout

  3. Molade Fasuyi

    Great teaching from the trainer Joan. I found the class to be engaging and helpful.

  4. Ruxandra M.T. Trusca

    Helpful staff and friendly environment. Best place around for the training and cannot beat the prices!

  5. Ion-Claudiu Pupada

    the course curator was very good and explained the information concisely and easy to understand. He was very pleasant and helpful and made the experience a pleasure.

  6. Ikechukwu Charles Onwu

    Perfectly delivered lessons. Cannot find a better teacher for the course than Joan

  7. Charles Eguroraku

    Course was made very easy to understand and I felt it perfectly suited my needs

  8. Mohammed Abdulazeez

    Excellent training provider, I highly recommend. Thank you for the high quality of training and the teachers I just completed the CSCS course I have never met a more brilliant teacher. Thank you to all the staff ?

  9. Afolabi Saheels Oladipupd

    Had a lovely time completing my CSCS course from Joan the instructor. She was patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Overall, a lovely experience

  10. Eunualois Cikste

    Great team and pleasure to do my CSCS course with these guys. Get to learn, have fun and take away valuable knowledge and experience

    Great job and definitely would recommend anyone to go visit these guys and SRP Training

  11. Nuru Biodan Akinshola

    My experience with SRP has been stress free from the moment I walked into the classroom to the moment sitting the exam, it was a comfortable time whilst doing my CSCS course. Joan was able to deliver the course in a clear and succinct manner enabling an easy journey throughout, I would advise anybody whom requires Citb training to make CSCS their first port of call.
    I’ve already booked my first aid at work training course with them, keep up the good work Adam and Mo!

  12. Anthony Nnebedum

    Excellent trainer. Great method of quick learning thank you Joan

  13. Samuel Ethan Gibbs

    Profesional and helpful staff at SRP Training. Very enthusiastic about every aspect of their work and they were friendly from the get go. Great atmosphere in the group. Will definitely come back to them in the future for more courses

  14. Sapphire Skye Gallimore-Cox

    A enjoyable and interesting HSA course who everyone should attend in this life. The teacher it a amazing, who’s got a lot of knowledges about the course plus they have the necessary patience to explain even small details. The staff were professional and helpful .-:). All the best to Mo and the Team.

  15. Tarak Bouhafs

    Most knowledgeable instructor I have ever met. The course was great. All materials were provided and the facilities were also good. Great course!!!

  16. Kailan Chapman

    Staff were amazing and made it easy for me. I hope to do all my future courses with SRP Training

  17. Lewis Young

    Very professional well organized course. Very lucid and informative Instructor. I would highly recommend this course for all looking to get a CSCS card. Lewis

  18. Liam James O’mahony

    Just got my green card recently. Our course instructor Jone was really friendly and helpful, amazing guy. Definitely worth the price, as you also get all course books and materials you need.

  19. Jack David Gibson

    Thanks Adam for making this weekends CSCS class more than just a learning curve.
    you are a star .
    Many thanks and good luck in the future.

  20. Jordan Burge

    Everything was wrapped up in one day and even simpler than I imagined. The staff made that extra personal push to make it the best experience. I recommend to everyone looking to do CSCS.

  21. Daniel Martin

    Thanks Joan for this wonderful experience, for very well structured course and well explained with real life case scenario and of course for sharing us your perspective on health and safety.

    P.S I recommend this this courses to anyone who want to get their CSCS card

  22. Louis Hall

    This is an amazing learning opportunities for everyone doing CSCS courses and any other courses. Straight forward and easy. The tutor is explanation is the best.

  23. Christopher Munduy

    Brilliant course made brilliant by the staff with Moe and the team.. spot on with everything.. made it exciting and great with the learning.. I appreciate everything he did

  24. Farrell Thomas

    Just completed my CSCS over the weekend at this place. Top place. These courses can be a bore sometimes but Joan is a great tutor who keeps it interesting and the staff were extra friendly.

  25. Haydn Brush

    Been using SRP for all my course needs etc. for myself and my lads, just renewed my CSCS. Joan is absolutely amazing in conducting and delivering it!

  26. Joshua S. Hill

    I thoroughly enjoyed the training and you couldn’t get a more experienced tutor than Joan, she’s class! ! I would highly recommend SRP Training for anyone who’s wants to do their CSCS

  27. Luke Kane

    Amazing centre. The staff were the best part of it they made me feel comfortable and taken care of.

    – Luke

  28. Alek Grau

    Was very informative and educational.
    Best course experience I’ve ever had hands down.
    Thanks Mo

  29. Adeel Hussain

    One of the best courses I attended, felt very comfortable and learned so much from it! Enjoyed knowing Mo and Joan simply the best staff, would recommend to everyone!

  30. Frank Fisher

    The courses were good, smooth and professional. No cancelled days, everything as was said in advertisement. Mrs Joan is a brilliant and fantastic teacher

  31. Daniel Stoian

    Great course.
    Good interactive methods to learn how to stay safe and proper on site.
    Best tutor!

  32. Jagjeet Singh

    Excellent CSCS course with a very knowledgeable trainer in a great location. Comprehensive coverage of some very serious subjects carried out in a very informative way.

  33. Pushpinder Singh

    Joan was my teacher and she did a prefect job presenting the course very well and understandable. Without a doubt I would recommend her to anyone looking to book a course for CSCS and the lads at SRP Training were brilliant.

  34. Arunkumar Choudhary

    Would certainly recommend taking the CSCCS course with SRP Training. Mo and the team gave a friendly environment and the tutor provides an extremely informative course and delivers the course exceptionally with passion and humour.

  35. Md Suhel Miah

    Quick and easy experience.
    Would recommend to all.

  36. Francisco Kironde

    I found the course to be very efficient and quick. Easy teaching and friendly staff.

  37. Mark Shalaj

    Joan was an excellent tutor, I found the course to be way easier than I imagined and I passed the exam easily after learning from her. Thanks to the staff there too especially Muhammed very friendly individual!

  38. Andrei Bucur

    Great course. Great presentation. Professional company

  39. Cristinel Iulian Apintiliesei

    Very good tutor with huge experience and knowledge, friendly and well organised staff too. Nice one Joan!

  40. John Edwin Ezinwa

    Awesome course clear and informative and very competitive rates. Many thanks

  41. Radostin Mihaylov Arabadzhiev

    Course was completed in one day, no problems and easy experience.

  42. Radi Mitrev

    Joan has a practical perspective on health and safety which I took onto very well.

  43. Tudor Teodosiu

    Thanks to SRP Training for the health and safety awareness training at weekend , it was very well explained and was easy for me.

  44. Ahmed Logunleko

    My lecturer Joan was excellent. She was informative, clear, patient and overall the best person to have when doing this course ?

  45. Adedeji Johnson

    Joan did a great job on the CSCS course at Ilford and delivered a very in depth course on topics
    Would recommend to any contractor or construction company to use SRP Training for their delegates.

  46. David Brazil

    5* learning. Tutor Joan very good teacher to all types of learning

  47. Michael Christopher Kennedy

    Did the CSCS course with SRP Training a couple of weeks ago. We learned and had fun at the same time. Joan was the best tutor.

  48. Ollie Hubbard

    Friendly professional atmosphere, a well delivered course and at a very good price

  49. Mitcheu Price

    Been here for a cscs test .Just walked in and was handled straight away. Staff were polite and friendly with no pressure applied. Passed my test. Thanks SRP Training

  50. Brandon Hall

    Professional training providers.
    Great first class trainers, who are accredited with CITB. Will use again

  51. Daniel Jordan Radford

    Everything only took a day and I received all the help I needed to pass my test first time. Joan was brilliant!

  52. Jason Ayes

    Great personnel,very helpful and quite patient. The assessor interactions made the course more fun and easy to retain the knowledge passed on. Keep up the good work guys! Cheers!

  53. Yonut Danut

    I felt the course to be very inclusive even with difficult topic I feel it was very simple for me to understand. Thanks to Mo and others for helping.

  54. Lewis Knight

    Best CSCS providers out there and for any other courses. Can’t beat the price and best staff

  55. Frank Nimako

    I came in on the weekend to do my CSCS. Got it all done in one day and they even advised me on how to proceed with application and everything. I was especially impressed by Mo he was extra helpful with helping me get through the course. The training centre was comfortable and easy to be in too

  56. Aurelian Ionascu

    Best training providers out there !!

  57. Charles Patrick

    Everything is as advertised they do not hide anything and they were professional throughout

  58. Petru Vasile Chirita

    Brilliant service, did my CSCS in one day and they charge a fraction of what some of these other places are chharging

  59. Kristina Mitkova Karkelanova

    Thank you so much guys, the course wasn’t easy but not to hard, incredible team, if someone doesn’t understand, teacher stopping and explain everything, thank you

  60. Micky Evert

    The course was vert interesting and full of information, which was delivered by Joan exceptionally well. As a teacher she is very helpful and presented the course very well.

  61. Godwin Abayomi Ogunfowokan

    Straightforward simple learn. I take only one day to finish much thanks to SRP

  62. Robert Cervinka

    Great course I loved the staff and environment. Recommend to everyone looking for CSCS

  63. Michal Kocur

    Came in and was nervous about getting the test done first time but to be honest the teaching and the staff were so helpful I was more than confident by the time to take the test had come. Adam was a star and Joan was a great teacher!

  64. Gift Amos

    Joan was a great trainer. Approachable, knowledgeable and made the course as light heated as possible whilst ensuring that the important information was being relayed. Would have no hesitation sitting another one of Joan’s courses.

  65. Onome Sympson Sodje

    Despite an inbuilt dread of education and training, Joan kept the course interesting, fast-paced and overall enjoyable. We had a good group that bounced off each other pretty well but Joan steered the ship with consummate ease. Would highly recommend his services to other learners.

  66. Elena Loredana Buharu

    Sent a few delegates to the CSCS course, they all came back with all the knowledge and more! Great training centre.

  67. Florin Catalin Lupa

    Helpful course and enjoyable experience

  68. Nicolae Daniel Ciobanu

    Phenomenal teaching staff and the location was convenient for me. To be honest I would still come to these guys because the price you cannot beat

  69. Glott Reimondo

    Easy course and easy experience

  70. Robert Izold

    Very well organised and run 1 day CSCS. Delivery tailored for all levels of writing skills skills, tutor made sure that we all understood as the course progressed.
    A pleasurable learning environment, highly recommended.

  71. Jack David Wiltshire

    Top notch teaching and top notch staff, cannot go wrong.

  72. Roberto Salvatierra Gonzales

    I tell these guys they are amazing. Everything was made easy for me and I loved experience. Adam main man helped me apply easily and thanks to Joan for easy teachings.

  73. Richard Kwaku Bonsu

    I was hesitant at trying this location because it was so far however I do not regret it one bit the experience was well worth the trek.

  74. Iyobosa Austin Ewere


  75. Iyobosa Austin Ewere


  76. Nicolae Marius Petrut

    Joan was a fantastic teacher. I’m shocked how much I learnt. Joan’s training methods, made the course fun, enjoyable and easy to absorb information

  77. Ricardo Gomes Pereira

    The course was a very enjoyable experience and engaging. I never felt bored throughout the experience.

  78. Manuel Babio Martinez

    CSCS was simplified and delivered easily by Joan. Thanks for good teaching!

  79. Chidri R. Odoemena

    Been to a few CSCS classes at different companies and thought they were great… but Joan the lecturer was on a completely different level to all the previous lecturers, I actually learnt everything she taught us and it stuck to brain.. she is amazing, able to keep whole class interested and always humourous… one if not the best teacher I have come across and will definitely go back there to do other courses. I also did my Traffic Marshal course with SRP Training and that was an wsa experience too.. SRP really do pick the best lecturers/teachers.. I have always recommended them and many of my friends have been there and all say the same thing… AMAZING..

  80. Stuart Andrew Newman

    Professional and straightforward I found the whole experience smooth

  81. John Stockton

    Excellent service, knowledgeable assessor made the learning journey fun and humorous.

    Helped us to understand and digest revision information for our exam at end of CSCS course.

    Was nervous about CSCS before, but these guys really helped me to achieve success and remove my learning fears.
    Thank you

  82. James Rowell

    It was really useful and interactive training. Joan is a great teacher. I am thankful to him.

  83. Liam Lineside

    Easy as pie. Got through it in a day and spent less than I would have elsewhere so reallly cant go wrong.

  84. Michael Aubrey Jones

    Excellent service.

  85. John Thomas Kenny

    Joan gave me the confidence I needed to pass the test and assured me as well as the other classmates throughout the whole teaching day. Owe it all to her

  86. Titu GirJoaba

    Productivity was at a high in the class compared to other training centres I have been in. This place is hands down the best

  87. Petrisor Fertu

    Great service and teaching they learn me everything and make test easy

  88. Ishak Hassan

    Excellent Communication pre and after training. Study materials provided with an excellent tutor.

  89. Juan Alberto Garriro Uigo

    I came on recommendation from friend and have no regret this place amazing thank you SRP now I have my green card!

  90. Carlos Calvino Carballo

    Succinct, to the point and efficient.

  91. Joshua Cortieas Vilas

    I am happy with SRP Training because they are very competitively reasonable in their pricing and fantastic in their service delivery with impressive and professionally qualified trainers who understood diverse of people requiring certification on the demand of keeping the standard as required by law.

  92. Thula Nyathi

    CSCS was made interesting and fun! went to learn but ended with having a good time

  93. Adrian Gila

    Great training fantastic communication highly recommend!

  94. Iqbal Singh

    The process of the course was amazing
    And was really easy to understand the instructions
    The instructor was good explaining

  95. Mitu Bogdan Ionut

    Great tutor, very knowledgeable

  96. Anna Makgorzata Wojcik

    In depth material provided the necessary knowledge to pass the CSCS test without any problems. Also, the teacher delivered the material in an engaging manner so that it didn’t become mundane. Highly recommend!

  97. Joel Nanou Howa

    Very knowledgeable and patient with the class, top trainer

  98. Kornelijus Galdikas

    Communication levels was great and class was satisfying.

  99. Ayodele Hakim Adigun

    Joan was an excellent trainer. He got over all the information clearly and in an interesting way.

  100. Glenn Chapelhow

    Was a stressful time at first but Joan did a great job of making me comfortable.

  101. Abdullahi Abdi Matdbe

    Well done guys for professional services and great teacher to the course !

  102. Musat Daniel

    the lecturer was very good, she was very fluent with the material and very helpful with the students whose first language wasn’t English. I would rate her at 10 out of 10

  103. Nicu Ovidiu Caitanu

    Great session, full of relevant information and well delivered

  104. Richard Booth

    Very good course.
    Thank you SRP Training

  105. Gabriel- Agin Stanca

    10/10 experience would recommend to anyone who wants to get their green card, these are the guys to go to.

  106. Kayleigh Silvester

    I learnt a lot about basics of construction through this course, it was delivered with more than what I expected to learn about. Joan is special and thanks to the SRP team for being so welcoming 🙂

  107. Kieran Bennett

    Everything was covered amazingly and I learnt all I needed to pass the test, the class was not a bore and the teacher kept everything entertaining and engaging!

  108. Bhupinder Singh

    Great course! Certs delivered quickly as well!

  109. Joachim Francis Mccann

    The pricing here is the best no debate. some of these other places are charging crazy price! this place deliver excellent training and way cheaper.

  110. Ademala Mugunzi

    best CSCS trainers everywhere and anywhere SRP are the people you should go to

  111. George Mihai

    I came with my colleagues to renew our CSCS and process was very simple and easy and SRP Team were very helpful

  112. Chris Kusi

    Brilliant course providers. I will definitely be back to complete more courses with SRP Training.

  113. Mohammed Rayyan

    Very good training and very well organized

  114. Ryan Pilbeam

    Excellent day of training
    Informative and fun just how training courses should be
    Just want to say big thanks to Joan our instructor
    Please keep up the good work

  115. John Anthony Duffin

    Fantastic course and Fantastic service!!

  116. John Anthony Duffin

    Hi booked on line, received confirmation of dates and course, a little near to the dates all details were sent to me.Joined the class and completed.
    All went as it should.

  117. Peter Kiweena Kabano

    My first construction course and I am glad I came to SRP. They gave me beginner friendly attitude and helped me get through my CSCS. Their trainer Joan was also a delight.

  118. Alaaeldin Abakar

    Best trainers

  119. Alessio Nardi

    Did the CSCS course in one day and passed the test without difficulties

  120. Igor Casali

    really enjoyed the course, Joan made it easy to follow and was very professional, I would definitely be recommending this course to other tradesmen I know.

    Igor Casali

  121. Busuioc Ovisiu-Mariah

    Very good teacher and really helpful and friendly.

  122. Bobric Samuel

    Professional environment. Professional staff. Professional Training.

  123. Leslie Ramon Marais

    patient tutor and very helpful. learned all the material without struggling and I felt like the tutor gave that personal touch that kept me engaged

  124. James Daniel Muat

    Fantastic providers for CSCS and they offer so much more. I have already booked my Traffic Marshal next and will also be going for Fire Marshal with these guys too they are the best for sure.

  125. Zama Petru

    Had a really amazing experience learning. I felt really engaged with the course, it was really informative and exceptionally delivered. I felt Joan the examiner did a stellar job educating my class over zoom.

  126. Tochukwu Ezeaku

    Recommend this company to anyone looking to do CSCS or CPCS courses you will not regret it

  127. Amanjeet Singh

    I struggled with some of the topics on the course but Joan was so helpful and patient that I managed to overcome my struggles and get through the course and pass

  128. Thair Amir

    Brilliant course providers with brilliant pricing

  129. Asif Ammad

    Only positive things to say about this place, people are amazing and course was smoothly completedd

  130. Lazhar Antal

    5* service

  131. Sidow Ali Mohammed

    I felt comfortable throughout the whole process. Nothing was a struggle and Mo was a great support

  132. Maria Ferron


  133. Bayonle-Temitope Olafisoye


  134. Devis Kasa

    Best course experience so far!

  135. Muyiwa Adenuga

    well organised course and everyone was pleasant 😀

  136. Alfred Pecout

    Adam was a fantastic sport and Joan my tutor was a great teacher. I felt the whole experience to be one of the best courses I had done.

  137. Callum Whitcombe

    I had Joan as my tutor and she was excellent throughout. Really enjoyed her teaching and the extra knowledge she gave throughout the lesson. Valuable stuff that I will spread to others on site

  138. Bill Mittons

    Cant go wrong with the prices they offer

  139. Bozhidar Petrv Mitev

    excellent training provider!

  140. Hakeem Belaid

    Five star service from these guys I will be booking again.

  141. Steven Linen

    I tried CSCS with a previous unamed centre before this and they never gave me my certificate. Came to SRP and redid the test with them and they looked after me with extra care. Great trainers.

  142. Robert Hudlow

    The course was excellent, our instructor Joan was fabulous. Learnt a lot about safety in other industries and really took a lot away to help me for the future her teaching style was spot on and had a lot of story’s relatable to the topics.

  143. Bekir

    Best CSCS provider in London 😀

  144. Joginder Singh

    Great service

  145. Vasile Kalochov

    Legendary staff. I appreciate help of Mo and Adam for getting me through CSCS course.

  146. Aidas Miegalis

    The course was interactive, easy to understand for all, giving plenty of examples. Truly recommend.

  147. Florin Olteanu

    Joan was exceptional. Made a dull course enjoyable.

  148. Gavril-Corneliu

    Wow great course, most of all though Joan what a great instructor, would recommend to any one wishing to attend the course for a positive experience 🙂

  149. Gurman Singh

    Excellent course day. I recommend to anyone looking to get a CSCS done quickly in one day

  150. Ionut Sinstanciu

    Successful on first try due to excellent teaching. Joan is very good teacher she helped me understand the parts I struggled with

  151. John Heraghty

    Few training centres are better out there

  152. Raheel Mahmood

    CSCS courses can be a bore most of the time but Joan made it fun and enjoyable I definitely recommend her to anyone doing a CSCS with SRP

  153. Edward Slow

    Had a really amazing experience learning. I felt really engaged with the course, it was really informative and exceptionally delivered.

  154. Paul Kent

    If I could give a 10/10 I would, the host Joan was awesome!

  155. Stefan Oian Alin

    5* Trainer
    5* Staff
    5* Course

  156. Ioan-Andrei

    Very good providers!!!!!!

  157. Michael Maxwell

    Joan is an excellent teacher even on the parts I was struggling with she was patient and understanding and helped me get better at those areas.

  158. Michael Maxwell

    Joan is a stupendous teacher even on the parts I was struggling with she was patient and understanding and helped me get better at those areas.

  159. Fabio Carnalo

    Credit to Adam for helping me through a smooth transition. I appreciate the extra care and attention the staff provide to their clients and I saw they treat everyone the same and equal.

  160. Levente Adrian

    Fabulous service. Quick, efficient and easy.

  161. Helder

    Excellent course. Joan was very competent, very clear, if there was anything we didn’t understand she’d explain it perfectly, which is why I passed.

  162. Kenneth Jenks-Lang

    Everything about health and safety was covered in a way that even those with bad english were able to pick up on it and its all thanks to that wonderful lady Joan. She was a brilliant teacher and I recommend her to anyone and everyone getting their courses done. SRP are brilliant providers!

  163. Bleddar Mahmutaj

    Top top service and top teacher

  164. Yohanna Gina

    I really enjoyed the course we did last week. I have booked both fire and traffic marshal courses for this coming week and I am very much looking forward to it. Hopefully will move on to SSSTS and SMSTS in future too all with SRP ofcourse 😉

  165. Silviu Viuandrei

    Really pleased with the knowledge gained from this course. Joan the tutor was very helpful and explained things in simplest format. Very happy.

  166. Rimas Ferekas

    Had very good experience with the course. Thanks

  167. Emmanuel Ashley

    Joan was able to answer any question me or my class mates gave her and everything on the technical side was handled efficiently by SRP Training and Mo. Thank you guys for a great course experience.

  168. Anatoliy Georgiev

    Good communication good friendly trainer.
    Would highly recommend. Thanks Joan.

  169. Anatoliy Georgiev

    I feel well prepped after taking CSCS and getting my green card to go on site. Joan gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to start fresh.

  170. Theophilis Ioannou

    Fantastic course! Friendly staff and cheap prices 🙂

  171. Trafan Subtraian

    Great course delivered by Joan. A lot to take in but everything done at a steady pace would highly recommend SRP Training.

  172. Constantin Cosmin

    I will be coming back to this training centre for sure it is amazing! the service they provide is top notch.

  173. Dimitar Simitchiyski

    Brilliant course, made even better by the great instructor! Thank you

  174. Cristian Faink

    Good people running a good service providing the best courses for the best prices.

  175. Samuel Samakoto

    Terrific standard of service. I messed up some of my details when signing on but the team at SRP were very sensible and patient with me and showed me what it means to be treated with respect thank you Mo and Adam!

  176. Ivaylo Ivkria

    Best experience with training centre that I had in long time.

  177. Ikechukwu Charles Onwu

    Excellent service

  178. Alan Ram

    Everything was smooth. 5*

  179. Yaza Sheikh

    I take CSCS for first time and I pass first time due to very good teacher. She was great!

  180. Dillan Cocker

    Amazing service. I really appreciated the extra care shown by the trainer on the course even though it was a simple one they were giving higher than standard help and care.

  181. Adam Intezar


  182. Mohammed Iqbal

    I was nervous about the exam but the help from the trainer and the support of the staff gave me a boost of confidence and help!

  183. Jas Kamal Singh

    Fantastic service. Loved the experience

  184. George Caterham

    Top lads at this place, I trust them to help me through all my courses from here one cant go wrong

  185. Georgio Mihai

    Very good and professional. Recommend 10/10

  186. Philip Roland

    Thank you Adam for all the help you gave throughout the course! Great guys at SRP 😀

  187. Viorel Bescu

    Excellent training provider

  188. Hashev Bhandri

    Thankful for the quality service. Got my CSCS done!

  189. Roger Maxim

    Best guys for CSCS and all courses

  190. Shihab Khan

    Perfect 10/10

  191. Leon Bennett

    Thoroughly enjoyed the course I will recommend to friends and family.

  192. Lee Chong

    Perfect CSCS course

  193. Azhar Khattak

    I came to do CSCS and was very satisfied with how the course was run. I will be booking my Marshal courses next with these guys they are amazing.

  194. Malik Ilyas

    Great prices, great service.

  195. Nathan Edgert

    Understood everything in the course well due to very good trainer! thank you joan for all your help

  196. Mario Martinis

    Excellent course, well run and professional staff

  197. Naresh Kumar

    Excellent tutor and training

  198. Raul Hernandes De Gaveira

    No one else id rather go to than SRP Training.

  199. Muhammad Aaron

    I always come to these guys and I always will

  200. Antonio Delaney

    Phenomenal course! loved every second

  201. Ruben Vidal

    Excellent course

  202. Peter Mundo

    Outstanding quality course with great people running it and a kind trainer!

  203. Craig Elijah

    The way the course was run was amazing everyone was helpful and the trainer helped me through my weaknesses

  204. Aleoni Ejuwola

    Fantastic service

  205. Ibosa Adams

    Very good!!

  206. Gurpreet Singh

    Fabulous work! I will be coming back for sure

  207. Ivan Janislov


  208. Samson Sagun

    The tutor is very helpful and looks after you during the course. Would recommend to everyone that wanting to do CSCS.

  209. Bridgette Handen

    I feel like this is the best training providers out there. They take a personal but professional approach to each student including me and my colleagues. Props to Mo and the team!

  210. Abdul Gani


  211. Alan Partridge

    I felt very taken care of and will be telling others of how great this course is!

  212. Radu Patel

    Glad to choose these guys they are the best

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