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This 5 day training course is aimed for Site Managers or persons who are or about to become responsible for organising, planning, monitoring and administering groups of staff or workforce.

The SMSTS Course is recognised by BUILDUK as it meets the mandatory standard for all construction managers working on BUILDUK sites.

Upon Completion of the SMSTS Course, the candidate will receive a certificate valid for 5 years.

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12th, 13th, 14th & 20th, 21st July 2024, 14th,15th,16th, 22nd & 23rd June 2024, 16th, 17th, 18th & 24th, 25th Aug 2024, 23rd, 29th, 30th June & 6th , 7th July 2024, Mon 22nd- Fri 26th July 2024, Mon 24th – Fri 28th June 2024, Mon 26th – Fri 30th Aug 2024, Mon 27th – Fri 31st May 2024, Mon 5th – Fri 9th August 2024, Mon 8th – Fri 12th July 2024, Mon 9th – Fri 13th September 2024

55 reviews for SMSTS

  1. Marius Dumitru

    The service was great, friendly staff and I felt like they were approachable

  2. Gheorghe Mihai

    I had a great experience working for a few certifications. The team were all amazing and very professional. They got back to me very promptly with answers to all of my questions.

  3. Olukayode Sharafadeen Adepoju

    We had a brilliant trainer who was so positive and patient with everyone and great at explaining the complicated

  4. Christopher Guichard

    Our trainer was really great at bringing this course to life. He had a lot of content to go through but was always willing to stop and take questions

  5. Patrick O’sullivan

    Would highly recommend. Ease of booking, staff really nice and helpful.

  6. Olukayode Sharafadeen Adepoju

    Excellent delivery of training and interactive exercises. Well delivered course. In-depth manual and exercises to go through in own time

  7. Jordan Whistler

    I attended an online training due to Covid situation. Highly recommend

  8. Jordan Whistler

    I attended online training due to Covid situation. Highly recommend

  9. Deyan Mikolov

    Did the SMSTS Course and the trainer was perfect, helped me through every hurdle and passed the course with flying colours

  10. Florin Catalin

    5* course delivery

  11. Leonard Novici

    the course orator was very good and explained the information concisely and easily to understand. He was very pleasant and helpful and made the experience a pleasure.

  12. Dimitru Mitaka

    I just took the managers training course and the trainer was absolutely amazing. He was engaging, professional and very clear with his presentation during the course. Mo was also helpful with helping me answer questions about the course before I paid and registered.

  13. Pelzin Inut

    Perfect course. Pass with no problems.

  14. Jonathan Herron

    The 5-day course was delivered excellently. I know that it would have been a different experience had the trainer not cared but this trainer did their best to ensure everyone was engaged throughout and the knowledge they departed to us including his own personal experiences was enlightening. Looking forward to being a Site Manager.

  15. Wayne Hightower

    Just completed and passed SMSTS course with SRP Training and i can honestly say it was a great experience. I would most definitely say SRP Training and their staff are competent through Technical training, knowledge and experience. I would recommend this course as reasonably practicable for those starting out as managers or supervisor.

  16. Bermardino Leo

    Best course providers in the business. I did all my courses with SRP and hoping to do an NVQ with them after my SMSTS.

  17. Gideon Sarpo

    Thank you so much guys, the course wasn’t easy but not to hard, incredible team, if someone doesn’t understand, teacher stopping and explain everything, thank you

  18. Anthony Muhr

    the tutor is a legend and I can’t overemphasise this. The course was really challenging but he made the delivery effortlessly interesting. Personally I am looking forward to the next class. Thank you and to Tony especially. And definitely I’ve recommended you to a couple of my colleagues who are interested in the SMSTS course.

  19. Alexandru Nidel

    Quality trainers. 5 day course went by in a flash.

  20. Carrie Witter

    Felt hesitant at first to start such a big course but the help from the trainer and SRP staff made the whole experience extremely smooth.

  21. Barry Moran

    Perfect service. Couldn’t be happier.

  22. Ioan Bura

    The course was really entertaining as well as enjoyable, first time for me doing a SMSTS course so struggled at times, however the trainer put you at ease with his dulcet tones, just kidding he was a great tutor.

  23. Krsysztof Profic

    Excellent training. For a subject that can be seen as quite tedious tutor made it very entertaining and kept my attention at all times. Highly recommended.

  24. Abu Bakr

    Terrific training! Will definitely be recommending to my colleague and friends.

  25. Sergiu Kolinov

    I took the SMSTS with confidence that SRP would not let me down as I had done several courses with them before and I was right! Top quality trainers.

  26. Nicholas Jacobs

    Brilliant. Very Satisfied

  27. Pavel K

    Perfect service yet again by SRP! Will always have me as a customer.

  28. Ervinas Tevelis

    Did the course online. Even though I was nnot in the classroom I could not tell a difference, the team at SRP helped me get access to everything and it was a smoothly run operation.

  29. Catalin Serescu

    Very well run course.

  30. Stefan Butnarescu

    Great people at this training service provider. They are very friendly and welcoming and will get you through any hurdle you need to overcome.

  31. Marian Maciuca

    I feel very happy with this standard of service, Don’t think anyone would could do it better.

  32. Sebastien Nillen

    Just briefly
    I’d like to say big Thank You to our tutor for the three weeks on SMSTS course via virtual class.
    It’s has been a great journey.
    Course was delivered in proper, professional manner including practicals, project and exercises too.
    We had some laughs,life stories told too.
    It’s been a right choice ?.
    Thank you SRP Training.

  33. Joel


  34. Monika Zalewska

    5 days of straight learning and gaining the knowledge I needed from the experienced tutor was perfect!

  35. Detelin Kovachev

    Learnt a whole lot thanks to Luke and felt extremely happy with the teaching process. thumbs up for SRP

  36. Halil Ibrahim

    Best SMSTS course I have been to! Will definitely recommend to my colleagues.

  37. Eric Barter

    Course was presented with the highest quality of teaching and I passed the exam flawlessly due to this

  38. Daut Shira

    Good pricing

  39. Fatos Tosi

    Top notch tutor! Thanks Mo for resolving the signing on issue as well.

  40. Mindagaus Posiv

    Very good learning. I appreciate all help

  41. Junior Adenya

    Interesting classes and very engaging tutor

  42. Mark Doherty

    Very well organised and was able to get my SMSTS ticket shortly after the course was finished

  43. Aaron Vandeyra

    Got the course done and dusted in 5 days. Process was very quick and very efficient. Well pleased with the training by SRP Training

  44. Andy Dimitrie

    Satisfied customer 😀

  45. Taranpal Tosi

    Just the trainers I needed. Came through when I needed them. Props to SRP Training.

  46. Manraj Deogun

    Brilliant tutoring! Thanks Max for the lessons and personal experiences you shared

  47. Gentian Qelia

    Did the online SMSTS and it was just as good as the in person one. All the material was shared easily between me and my classmates.

  48. Hamdi Hakien

    Michael was very helpful, very professional, and a great help. He helped us all so much he didn’t have a fail in his class which speaks for itself, would 100% gladly recommend him if it was possible.
    – Grateful student

  49. Zlatin Kirov

    Fantastic course online

  50. Brian Mason

    5 Days went by so quick, going to miss the banter of the class and the tutor. James was a riot! 😀

  51. George Callahan

    Great teaching and environment. Going to recommend to my colleagues for sure

  52. Kevin Lang

    Have to go to these guys because they are the most professional and helpful trainers out there. Always giving extra personal touch and care to the training

  53. Jack Fellington

    For the first time using these guys I am very happy and satisfied with the training

  54. Arlow Adamski

    Definitely will be booking another course with these guys again and will be coming back for my refreshers here too the tutors are brilliant as well as the staff

  55. Shundor Miah

    Fair prices and amazing course

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