21 Mar 2021

What is SSSTS course?

The SSSTS course is a Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme and is an essential health & safety course aimed at supervisors working in the construction industry sector. The course delivers a comprehensive introduction to health & safety laws, particularly targeted to the welfare of on-site construction staff and dealing with any environmental issues on site that could pose a health & safety risk.

Construction site supervisors have a legal responsibility to follow and promote current health & safety practices and the SSSTS training course fully equips supervisors with the knowledge they need to meet with their responsibilities. The SSSTS qualification is recognised as the standard training for all site supervisors.

The SSSTS course is endorsed by the United Kingdom Contractors Group (UKCG) and is suitable for those working in the construction industry who want to take on supervisory responsibilities or for those already working in a supervisory position.

The training course is held over two consecutive days in London and is available through SPR Training. The course will introduce site supervisors to their legal responsibilities regarding health, safety, welfare and environmental issues. You can find out more about the SSSTS training course and book online.

The SSSTS certificate will expire after five years and previous holders will only need to attend a one-day refresher course to renew their certificate before it expires. Should their SSSTS certificate expire, the candidate will need to retake the full 2-day course over again.

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